Sarah Synder

Jake is AMAZING!!! He helped change my world in amazing ways. I came to Jake with having no hope in getting the body I wanted. I had done everything I could and would only have minimal small success. Working out, dealing with food and trying to stay motivated was very emotional for me. I wanted it so bad but could feel myself just giving up because I was not seeing the results I wanted. Jake was never pushy with trying to get my girlfriend and I to join him as a trainer. He always has a big smile and would give a simple hello or quick chat if he saw us at the gym. When we finally approached him about joining his Elite Physique crew you could tell he was excited. I am sure today that excitement came from knowing what abilities he had to change our everything!
I looked better than I ever have and that’s at my 30’s!!! He will push to ensure you don’t get stuck on one level or plato. I always LOVED the change in routine so it was never boring but would ALWAYS kick your butt! Another perk is being with the amazing people you would get to know and become close to because you are all wanting the same thing. TO LOOK AND FEEL GREAT!
If you feel down because you over weight or can’t get the body you want Jake is your man! As someone who was over 300 pounds I got down to 150 and had the body I could have only dreamt of but that body is what Jake delivered. Don’t be afraid! There will be no judgment! Its about you and you getting to where you want to be. Jake will assist you in getting there but its YOUR job to put in the sweaty work!

If you want to see the body I am talking about Jake put a before and after of me in his gym!  So go look for your self if you want proof. I am the woman in red. I have moved out of state about a year and a half ago and I miss Jake and the crew TONS!! Do yourself the favor if you want to look and feel great SIGN UP TO ELITE PYHSIQUE FITNESS and become part of the family!