Luis Caicedo

My fitness commitment before I train with Elite Physique Fitness.

I thought eating a lot and lifting weights would get me to where to needed to be. I was “thick” and not muscular which I thought would eventually get me to my goals. In reality gaining weight didn’t help achieve my goals at all and actually it made me unable to visualize the potential I had. I was also afraid to life heavier weights on my own and wasn’t mentally prepared to think about the next step.

My fitness commitment after I train with Elite Physique Fitness.

Being with Elite Physique Fitness I got the biggest breakthrough to better understand my fitness goals. It’s all about 80% nutrition and 20% lifting. I developed a clear vision for commitment and discipline. Elite Physique Fitness also brought out a lot of confidence I never knew I had. Elite Physique Fitness helped me to create in this arena a new outlook of what my body is capable of doing. In my short 4 months with Elite Physique Fitness, I’ve lost 8% body fat and actually gained lean muscle. I cant be happier with my results! Therefore, what I want to represent is a stand for physique, fitness level, physical strength and expression that are a match for the fullest expression of who I am in the world. I am healthy, alive, and vital!