Lisa Roberts

So, how do I begin to tell my fitness story and how Elite Physique Fitness changed my life.  Although I give myself the credit for showing up and carrying through to make things happen, my trainer has the ability to capture my inner drive and belief in myself.

When I started, I was at a place in my life at age 46 where I was unhappy, out of shape and very overweight, healing from a divorce of a marriage of 22 years and knew I needed to do something now to get my health in line so I could enjoy my life again.  Needless to say, I had very low thoughts about myself.

I have always had body image issues and I think a lot of females do, but this was an all time low for me.  When I showed up to meet my trainer and explain my situation, I felt an immediate connection with him and did not feel intimidated or “less than”.

My first 3 weeks were very difficult and my ability to work out at a decent level was just not there.  I had anxiety when I walked in the door each day and I don’t know if my trainer knew this or not.  I cried several times after leaving the gym so ashamed of letting myself go the way I did.  Over the following month, I just kept saying to myself “just show up Lisa, just show up”.  When I showed up, I gave it “my” 110% most of the time.  I noticed eventually each time I spent with my trainer, he would make a simple positive comment or some small thing to focus on that inspired me to better myself.  He has the ability to read people and understand how to build someone up, and that something may be different for each individual.  I feel he has the ability to read that in people.

For me, it was small steps and before I knew it I felt unstoppable.  I began to look forward to seeing my trainer and my work out buddies and it became my “security zone” or my place of “revitalization and hope”. My trainer was the center of this for me.  I started to share my inner thoughts with him associated with my self image like, “I don’t want to see my weight on the scale” or “I would rather not look in the mirror”.  He in turn would make comments in future visits like “hey beautiful” and “you are looking skinnier and skinnier”.

Don’t get me wrong, along with these comments, he pushed me to work my ass off at the same time!  When I said “I can’t do anymore”, he would say “okay I hear ya, but do 8 more reps and rack em”.  And I would grumble a little and finish it up.  And maybe give me one focal point to work on with eating for that week.  For me, giving me too much to think about at once would defeat me.  My job is extremely demanding and keeping it “simple” is what works for me.

I have lost over 80 pounds and am more fit than I have been in over 20 years since I came to EP Fitness.  I consider my trainer and his wife as true friend/family members.  When people ask me what about my trainer I simply say to them “my trainer has changed my life both physically and emotionally”.

Today, I still struggle with negative inner thoughts, I think a lot of females do.  However, I have tools and inner thoughts and comments that my trainer has said that combat those negative backslides.  I believe that for a lot of women, being fit and staying fit and healthy is just as much of a mental feat as it is a determination and discipline.  I would recommend EP Fitness to anyone who wants to be trained and nurtured to succeed long term with their health. Especially my trainer he is one of a kind.