Sarah Synder

Sarah Synder


Jake is AMAZING!!! He helped change my world in amazing ways. I came to Jake with having no hope in getting the body I wanted. I had done everything I could and would only have minimal small success. Working out, dealing with food and trying to stay motivated was very emotional for me. I wanted it so bad but could feel myself just giving up because I was not seeing the results I wanted. Jake was never pushy with…

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Joey Blackwood


Lost 32 lbs & 9.8% body fat When I was looking for a gym to go to, I wanted a trainer so I could have direction while working out. I imagined my trainer to motivate me, care about me and set a good example. Jake the trainer did just that. Jake is extremely educated when it comes to nutrition and weight lifting and has no problem whatsoever answering any question you may have. He will hold you accountable for…

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Cody Thompson


Jake is an awesome personal trainer he makes working out and getting in great shape fun. He is an great motivater and sincerely cares about all his clients. Jakes workouts are always well organized and the nutrition plan that he gives all of his clients is easy to follow and understand. I highly recommend Jake as a personal trainer.

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Kim Keller


I have been working out using different gyms and different trainers for years, so I am not new to the gym. Jake has, by far, been the MOST rewarding of my efforts both physically and mentally. He takes the time to work with you on an individual basis regarding your workouts and nutrition and follows you along the way to make sure of your success in reaching your goals. He tries new things and happily answers any questions you…

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Priscila Balos


Before I met Jake I never stepped foot in a gym. So, starting out it was pretty daunting stuff. But as soon at I started, I felt right at home. Jake is an awesome trainer who has endless patience. He’s constantly changing it up, so you never get bored. And it’s awesome to see yourself improve and do things you weren’t capable of doing when you first started!

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Jon Cannone


Before I met Jake from Elite Physique Fitness I thought I was in pretty good shape. I went to the gym 4 or 5 days a week and played sports my whole life. No, he totally changed my mindset and outlook on training and dialing in my diet. Within a few weeks I was noticing a big difference already, going from 195lb to 187lb and 8% body fat to 6.8%. I just kept at it and before I knew…

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Andrew Wiedemann


About five years ago I decided to make a change and stick with it. That change was my lifestyle. So I set out to not only look better, which is a bonus, but to feel better physically and mentally. I was tired of always being tired, not focused, and most importantly to me, not being able to do the physical activities I always used to do. Beach volley ball, hiking, mountain bike riding, surfing! I slowly started to realize…

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Carlos Partida


Jake is an awesome trainer!! He pushes you beyond your limits with a diet plan that is custom to your goals nothing beats this program.!! Love the atmosphere, everyone will push you and motivate you. It’s not your average gym. I’ve lost almost 20 lbs and 9% body fat in a little over 2 months!! Thanks Jake!!

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Luis Caicedo


My fitness commitment before I train with Elite Physique Fitness. I thought eating a lot and lifting weights would get me to where to needed to be. I was “thick” and not muscular which I thought would eventually get me to my goals. In reality gaining weight didn’t help achieve my goals at all and actually it made me unable to visualize the potential I had. I was also afraid to life heavier weights on my own and wasn’t…

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Lisa Roberts


So, how do I begin to tell my fitness story and how Elite Physique Fitness changed my life.  Although I give myself the credit for showing up and carrying through to make things happen, my trainer has the ability to capture my inner drive and belief in myself. When I started, I was at a place in my life at age 46 where I was unhappy, out of shape and very overweight, healing from a divorce of a marriage…

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